It Has Never Been Easier to Become a Morning Person Than with These Tricks

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Nothing is more rewarding than knocking out every item on your to-do list before the clock strikes noon. In these instances, the early bird does, indeed, get the worm. So, if you’re looking to detract stress from your routine, revisiting your sleep schedule might be one approach. While being a “morning person” might feel out of reach, it’s completely possible with a little consideration and some practice. Plus, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of morning people, like increased productivity and improved health. To shed your “night owl” ways for more daylight, take a peek at the tips below.

Don’t allow any phones, tablets, or laptops in bed.

If you want to become a morning person, you have to start with your nightly routine. After all, you can’t possibly hope to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your day if you aren’t sleeping well the night before. One of the culprits behind bad sleep is your always-on lifestyle. When you use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop in bed, you invite a constant stream of information to your brain, which will actively work against your body as it tries to wind down for the night. Place your phone and other devices on a table across the room, and don’t think about reaching for it until the next day.

Stop hitting the snooze button.

The 15 minutes of sleep that hitting the snooze allows is enticing right after waking up. That’s probably why many of us hit the snooze button several times before finally leaving bed. However, hitting snooze lets your body fall asleep, starting its sleep cycle again, only to be rudely awakened at an awkward point just a few minutes later. This can make your body more tired than it was when you woke up the first time! Instead of automatically reaching for the snooze button, wake up the first time – no matter how hard it is.

Treat yourself to breakfast.

Ever notice that you never really feel prepared for your day until you eat breakfast? Not only does breakfast provide the nourishment that your body craves, but it is a great way to motivate yourself to get out of the bed and on to your feet! Enjoying a nutritious breakfast gets your mind moving and your blood pumping. Replace your snooze button habit with making a delicious breakfast every morning, and you might find that breakfast is more tempting than a few minutes of restless shut-eye.

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