Fans of Playwright, Tennessee Williams, Can Watch an Amazing Production This Sunday

J Join us on Sunday, June 2nd at the Margo Jones Theatre’s Magnolia Lounge for one of Tennessee Williams’ most subtle and tender works— Summer and Smoke! The play explores the conflict between the heart and the brain.

Set in Mississippi, Alma Winemiller, the minister’s daughter, has grown up loving the boy who lives next door. John Buchanan, the doctor’s son, is a wild and adventurous pleasure seeker. He spends the hot Mississippi summers drinking, gambling, and romancing.

His only religion is the anatomy chart on his wall, and what it teaches him about man’s needs: food, truth, and love. Alma, on the other hand, is quiet, eccentric, and high-strung. Her name means “soul” in Spanish; she aspires to lofty spiritual goals and holds to strong moral standards. Despite their differences, John and Alma are magnetically drawn to each other.

The spiritual and physical romance that almost blooms between the two of them is among the most engaging, romantic, and heartbreaking love stories in Williams’ canon. Tickets are $10-$25 and may be purchased online at You don’t want to miss it!

The Mitchell Lofts, providing the perfect balance of comfortable and convenient apartments in Dallas, Texas, is helping spread the word about this special event happening in our community! We believe it’s in your best interest to attend with family and friends!

Event Time/Date:
Sunday, June 2, 2019—2:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
Margo Jones Theatre
1121 1st Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75210

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