Think Twice Before You Ditch Your Landline

Cell phones seem ubiquitous, but there are certain circumstances that could make it impossible to use your cell phone. 

For example, after Hurricane Sandy, 25 percent of the cell phone towers from North Carolina to New Hampshire were out of service. In addition, because payphones in major cities have mostly been removed or have fallen into disrepair, there were no phone booths for these people to turn to. Much of the landline telephone network in this country relies on buried underground copper wire. Because of this, in the aftermaths of storms, landlines have proven to be more reliable than cell phones. 

It can also be a safety issue. If you have to dial 911, but are unable to speak or give your address, an operator can quickly tell your location if you call from a landline. Cell phones usually do not give your location that quickly or accurately. Home security companies also rely on landlines when the alarm in your home is triggered. 

You should also consider that each person in your family must have a cell phone if you leave your home with yours. Having only a cell phone means that when you leave your home, the only phone goes with you. If you have children that are home without you, they would not have access to a phone in case they needed to get in touch with you or had an emergency. 

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