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Moving offers an opportunity to be creative and find new style and organization. Clean, clutter-free spaces bring energy, peace and a sense of calm into a home. By staying organized and knowing that everything has a space, you don’t have to spend the time looking for places to stow away items and you are more able to spend your time focusing on self-care and more desirable activities.

  1. Keep similar items together.

Storing items by category helps to minimize the number of places that you need for organizing but also helps reduce the amount of time that you spend looking for items. For example, keep all cleaning supplies together, all pens and pencils in one space, and even all shoes in one location so that you will know exactly where these items are in your time of need!

  1. Recycle old boxes!

Yes, that iPhone box is sturdy and may come in handy someday but you really haven’t used it once in the years since you got your phone! It is okay to pass things along by recycling or donating rather than holding on to them! If you haven’t used it in a year, chances are that you probably won’t!

  1. Change up the way you organize.

Storage furniture may be a good change for organizing items around your home. Couches, ottomans, and desks are all offering more options for storage than furniture of the past did. Game boxes are all different sizes and begin to fall apart. Consider mesh zipper bags for keeping entertainment organized. You can also use decorative boxes for storing manuals and other documents rather than folders. Organization can be cute and decorative while also being functional!

  1. What is really being used?

When sorting through items, think of three categories: keep, donate, throw away/ recycle. Don’t overthink this decision! See what you are really using by devoting your attention to what clothes are actually being worn. One idea is to turn hangers backwards and then place them forwards when an item has been worn. At the end of the season, see what is still backwards and free up the space by donating! The same can be true for shoes, dishes, decorations, books, you name it! If things are not being used within a year, donate them so that someone else can give them life once more! You’ll feel better and freer, too!

Organizing with The Mitchell Lofts

The Mitchell Lofts offer a great location to help you get organized! Our large floorplans are unique and trendy with a one-of-a-kind style that is spacious and offer high ceilings with plenty of space for vertical organization. The opportunities are endless! Double shelving, vertical storage, and choice of storage furniture will have you organized and feeling free in no time!

Located conveniently in the Dallas/ Deep Ellum area, we have a location that can’t be beat! Check out our location, and amenities! Contact us at 214-247-6798 to schedule a tour today!