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Vintage style is making a comeback in modern-day homes. Past trends such as timeless mid-century modern designs from the 50s, playful pop culture references in the 60s, and warm earth tones of the 70s lend a nostalgic charm when used today. Not surprisingly, the industrial feel of a loft-style apartment is the perfect setting for a vintage-inspired interior. If this is the backdrop you’re working with, follow these seven tips to weave a vintage vibe into your living space.

  1. Consider your color scheme: The color palette you should adopt depends on which vintage style you want to embrace. Soft pastels are reminiscent of traditional 50s and 60s interiors, while burnt orange and brown create a nostalgic 70s vibe. For a more timeless look with vintage elements, stick to neutral tones.
  2. Choose your hardware carefully: A vintage look requires vintage metals, such as copper, brass, or aged bronze. An easy way to take your loft back in time is to change the fixtures, including cabinet pulls, door knobs, faucets, and showerheads. Hardware style also matters. Look for traditional embellishments rather than hard, modern lines.
  3. Incorporate texture and patterns: Vintage materials such as velvet, corduroy, tweed, cane, leather, and rattan add gorgeous texture to your interior. When considering what patterns to use, lean into floral, abstract, and geometric shapes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match for a spunky, eclectic vibe.
  4. Select your furniture: Furnishing your vintage-inspired loft can either include up-cycling well-made antiques or buying new furniture intended to look retro. Either way, only buy a piece if you think it will withstand daily wear and tear.
  5. Integrate retro accessories: Scour thrift stores and antique shops for vintage milk crates, charming kitchenware, analog alarm clocks, and blue mason jars. These accessories pair perfectly with the other vintage furnishings in your living space.
  6. Get the lighting right: Natural light plays into the vintage aesthetic. The oversized industrial windows in your loft are already perfect for this, so simply clear away any clutter and let the sunshine in! Of course, you also need artificial lighting after dark. Black steel, wood, or brass lamp bases with beige fabric or stained glass shades add a fitting vintage aesthetic.
  7. Create an eat-in kitchen: In a spacious loft apartment, you get your pick of where to place the dining table. Even if you opt for a large formal dining area elsewhere, consider incorporating an eat-in kitchen with a round table and retro chairs. This must-have feature of years gone by fits nicely with the rest of your vintage-inspired interior.

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