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Winter typically brings to mind cozy sweaters, fireplaces, and holiday parties. But if you’re moving to Dallas this time of year, your focus may be more on apartment hunting, arranging movers, and packing up everything you own. Before your stress levels rise, follow these tips to help ensure a successful wintertime move.

  1. Shop around: Because it’s the “off-season” for moving, you might find great deals on a moving company if you shop around. Still, you should arrange movers at least a few weeks in advance to avoid finding out they’re all booked.
  2. Check the weather forecast as moving day approaches: Unpredictable weather is the biggest challenge of moving in the winter, so keep an eye on the forecast. Also, ask your moving company about their inclement weather policies, especially if you’re planning a long-distance move to Dallas.
  3. Protect your belongings from the cold: Take special care to protect certain items from wet, freezing conditions. For instance, dishes and glasses are particularly vulnerable to temperature shifts. Double-wrap breakable items and pack your belongings in sturdy plastic boxes to help prevent water damage.
  4. Wear the right clothing on moving day: Before you pack up all your clothes, set aside a multi-layered outfit, work gloves, and sturdy shoes to wear during the move. You’ll be glad you have the option to don a coat or strip down to a t-shirt, depending on the current temperature and your exertion level.
  5. Prepare your current rental for the move: The morning of your move, check outside for any snow or ice. Shovel and sprinkle deicer on the sidewalks as needed for safety. Then, lay plastic tarps or drop cloths on the floor of your apartment for protection from muddy boots.
  6. Allow extra travel time: Rainy or snowy conditions call for slower speeds, especially when a large moving truck is involved. So take your time reaching your destination, even if it means paying your movers a little more for their time.
  7. Prepare your new rental for your arrival: First, arrange to have the utilities turned on the day before the move so you have light and heat when you arrive. Then, use the same tarps or drop cloths from your old rental to protect the floors in your new place as you move in.
  8. Relocate to a loft rental you’ll really love: Wherever you relocate, make sure the new place meets your needs with premium amenities like an enclosed pool, 24-hour fitness center, picturesque BBQ area, and private parking garage. By renting a luxurious loft apartment at The Mitchell Lofts in Dallas, TX, you won’t feel the need to move again anytime soon.

The Mitchell Lofts is nestled in the up-and-coming Deep Ellum neighborhood, where rich culture, music, and nightlife are all within walking distance. Our loft apartments come in a wide range of spacious one- and two-bedroom floor plans designed with luxury and a maintenance-free lifestyle in mind. To learn more, please call 214-247-6798 to schedule a tour of our luxurious multifamily apartment community.