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A loft is a peaceful and creative space. Its many features include a spacious and inviting atmosphere while offering a trendy living space that is versatile and unique.  Being modern and industrial is popular but being your home, it is important to seek ways to incorporate your personality. How can you dress up your loft rental space without making permanent changes or damaging the walls?

Here are 8 ideas to dress up your loft rental space:

  1. Add a bookshelf to create a space for books, photos, photo albums, trinkets and more. Bookshelves come in many sizes and styles so it will be easy to find one that is just the right height, style, and color for you so that you can fill it like a treasure box full of personality!
  2. Temporary decals or wallpaper are easily applied to a wall with an adhesive backing. You can find an infinite number of options, so surely there is one that is just right for you. These are easy to put on your wall and just as easy to remove, ensuring that your personality can shine, and your security deposit can stay intact!
  3. Textured wall art may add multiple benefits to your loft apartment. Adding texture and color through tapestries textiles, or rugs make your space cozier but adding the material may reduce the amount of echo by absorbing some of the sound as it carries.
  4. Vertical gardening is another idea for creating a peaceful space with personality. Growing herbs, succulents, and other decorative plants can bring nature into your living space to increase happiness, health, and a calm environment.
  5. Collages are made for clear, white spaces! Your white walls are canvases just waiting for your collages to liven them up and tell your story! Give one a try and don’t be afraid to change things up a bit! What are you interested in? Use nails, or to be on the safer side, adhesive strips and hooks, to hang photographs, antique windows or plates, dishes, baskets, stained glass, or whatever catches your eye and brings you joy.
  6. Lean objects against the wall to avoid damaging the walls. Mirrors, wooden ladders, oversized paintings or even clocks or shutters are excellent ways to let your personality be on display throughout your loft.
  7. Decorative hanging spaces, including white boards and bulletin boards, can be for both art and function! Make a space for reminders but also for small things that bring you joy.
  8. Mirrors add both light and the illusion of more space. Adding mirrors to narrow spaces or to the end of the hall may bring the sense of an elongated space.


Mitchell Lofts is a place where uniqueness and industrial architecture collide to create a trendy and calm home environment. You can be as creative as you would like to be as you design the canvas that these walls provide with your own gallery of personality, peace, and decor!