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Loft apartments are coveted for many reasons. Their soaring ceiling heights, charming industrial features, and huge windows are just a few reasons more urbanites are gravitating toward loft rentals these days. Still, the spacious layouts that lofts are famous for pose a few challenges, including finding privacy when you need a moment alone.

After all, the hallmark of loft apartments is that they have few, if any, interior walls. This means your bedroom and the main living space are one and the same. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to define your sleeping space and separate it, whether visually or physically, from the living, dining, and cooking areas.

  1. Hang room-dividing curtains: Create instant privacy by hanging opaque curtains around your sleeping area. Alternatively, you can opt for a sheer material if you don’t want to block out the light.
  2. Install sliding barn doors: For even more separation, set up sliding barn doors with an upper and lower track that keeps the door stable.
  3. Build a pony wall: Isolate your sleeping space with a pony wall that stands three or four feet tall. A temporary build is best for rentals where permanent structural changes aren’t an option.
  4. Create a bespoke room divider: The material and design options for closing off your bedroom are endless. A folding bamboo room divider, geometric room partition, or white-painted lattice screen are just a few options.
  5. Set up a double-sided bookcase: A large bookcase finished on both sides makes the perfect room divider. Fill the shelves with storage bins, figurines, double-sided photo albums, and more to add visual interest and obstruct the view into your bedroom.
  6. Buy a modern four-poster bed: With blackout curtains around the bed, you can sleep in complete privacy and darkness. In the morning, throw the curtains wide, and you’re instantly greeted by the spacious layout you love.
  7. Install interior glass doors: A glass wall makes your bedroom feel separate without detracting from the airy feeling lofts are known for. Choose clear or opaque glass, depending on the level of privacy and light filtration you want.
  8. Create strategic furniture groupings: In a spacious loft floor plan, floating furniture groupings are the best way to define “rooms.” For example, a sofa with its back to your bed helps turn the attention toward the more public living area.
  9. Define your bedroom with an area rug: Further define the edges of each “room” in your loft with a large area rug. The eye perceives each space as separate, even without a physical barrier that could make you feel confined.

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