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Decorating a new loft can be exciting! How will you utilize the space, and how will you make this particular piece of real estate uniquely yours? It’s easy to get so caught up in creating a beautiful overall look that you completely overlook one functional space: the bathroom. Bathroom space in loft rentals can be admittedly limited, but we have some suggestions to make yours look amazing anyway.

  • Assess your storage. Storage may not be sexy, but it’s an essential part of any functional bathroom. If your space is limited, you might have to get creative, utilizing vertical storage or an over-the toilet shelf. Make the most of your space with drawer dividers, under-cabinet organizers, and any other storage solutions that appeal to you before you get to work on the look of the bathroom. Remember, the first step towards achieving an appealing bathroom look is to have it as uncluttered as possible.
  • Decide on your colors. You may not be able to paint, but you can use your bathroom accessories to bring color into the room. Light, airy hues like blue, white, light grey, turquoise, and sage green are good options, because they’re neutral enough to go with just about any space while still bringing a hint of color into the room.
  • Make a statement with your shower curtain. For tiny bathrooms, you may want to go with a simple pattern or print. If you’ve got enough room, though, go bold, with a bright pop of color. Remember, shower curtains are easy to change out, so you may even want to buy several and rotate them. Don’t forget elegant shower curtain hooks to complete the look.
  • Add some art. To make a space truly your own, express your personality with art. Whether it’s a fine art print or a humorous sign, it will add a touch of interest to your bathroom.
  • Bring in a plant. Plants in the bathroom improve the air quality and add a fresh, natural feeling. If your bathroom doesn’t have natural light, though, you might want to stick with an artificial plant.
  • Temporary measures can make a big difference. Consider temporary wallpaper or decals to transform your bathroom. It’s easy to find decals that mimic the look of real tile, which can create an upscale ambiance. You can also temporarily switch out the drawer pulls, showerhead, towel rods, and even light fixtures, reinstalling the old ones when you move out.
  • Look to your textiles to elevate your bathroom. A luxurious bathmat and soft, fluffy towels will make even the smallest bathroom feel like a spa. Window treatments can also be an easy and practical way to personalize your bathroom.

At Mitchell Lofts, our bathrooms already feature extras like garden or whirlpool tubs, but we hope these tips help you to make yours feel like a space all your own. If you’re looking for a beautiful loft apartment for rent, in a community that features amazing architecture and an unobstructed view of the downtown skyline, you owe it to yourself to check out Mitchell Lofts. A truly historic loft renovation, we’re located in what used to be a prominent cotton gin manufacturing company. In addition to architecture that features soaring ceilings, heavy timber columns, steel beams, and exposed brick, our community is home to The Mitchell Gallery, which displays work from local artists. To learn more about living at Mitchell Lofts, call 214-504-3773, contact us for more information or to fill out an online application, or schedule an appointment with one of our leasing agents today!