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When you’re a pet parent, your living space no longer belongs to you alone. This means you should carefully consider the characteristics of your home to ensure the animal’s health and safety.

As a cat lover, you have it made. Your independent but loving companion is happy to live in almost any setting, from a small apartment to a sprawling house. Still, here are some questions to ask if you’re considering moving to a loft apartment with your feline friend.

Is Apartment Life Suitable for Cats?

Cats have very different needs than dogs. As small, solitary animals, cats tend to thrive in apartment settings and don’t need to go outside or socialize with other animals to be happy. This means living in a loft is ideal for many cats. Most are content to stay inside and enjoy the view out the window from a safe perch.

If you do allow your cat outside, be cautious. First, neuter or spay your pet to prevent contributing to the homeless pet population. Then, be aware that cats roaming the city streets risk being hit by a car, attacked by a stray animal, or taken to a shelter by a well-meaning person.

What Type of Cat is Best for Loft Apartment Living?

Cat breeds don’t vary as widely as dog breeds, and personalities can differ from one animal to the next. Still, consider that the best cat breeds for apartment life are those with easy-going temperaments who are content to stay indoors. These include Persians, Ragdolls, and Burmese cats. Many domestic shorthairs not belonging to a particular recognized breed also do well in loft apartments.

How Do I Prepare My Loft for a Cat?

Perhaps you already live in a loft, and now you’re preparing to bring home a new fur baby to live with you. The spacious floor plan of your loft provides ample opportunities to run, jump, and play. Still, it’s important to provide cozy places where your furry friend can snuggle up for a cat nap. Cats also love looking outside, so consider setting up a perch where your pet can relax and gaze out the window.

How Do I Find a Pet-Friendly Loft Rental in Dallas?

If you’re moving to a new rental, make sure cats are allowed before signing on the dotted line. Be aware that you may owe a refundable pet deposit and/or non-refundable pet fee, along with monthly pet rent.

The Mitchell Lofts is proud to be a pet-friendly community, gladly welcoming up to two pets per unit. We offer several amenities that make pets happy and healthy, including a fenced-in dog park, pet supply store within walking distance, and city views your cat will love.

Nestled in the up-and-coming Deep Ellum neighborhood, The Mitchell Lofts also offers plenty for our human residents to enjoy. Rich culture, music, and nightlife are all within walking distance, and downtown Dallas is just minutes away. To learn more about our luxurious multifamily apartment community, please call 214-247-6798 to schedule a tour today.