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When looking for an apartment to rent in Dallas, you may see “studio” and “loft” used in various listings. The descriptions about open floor plans and few interior walls seem similar, which makes you wonder—are lofts and studio apartments the same?

The short answer is no. The lack of walls dividing the interior space is about the only characteristic lofts and studios have in common. Learn the differences between these apartment types to make sure you understand what you’re getting when you sign the lease.


The average studio apartment is only 600 square feet. The living, sleeping, dining, and cooking areas are all in one open space, with only the bathroom having walls and a door.

This description loosely applies to loft apartments as well—except the space is usually around 1,000 square feet or more. Lofts are also prized for their soaring ceiling heights of 10+ feet and large windows that create a light and airy interior.


Studio apartments are not associated with a particular geographic location, so they’re found in virtually any urban or rural setting.

On the other hand, lofts are almost always in bustling city centers. This is because they are located in old industrial buildings and warehouses that have been converted into residential units. Lofts are particularly appealing in urban settings because spacious living is a rarity here.


Because studios are comprised of a small shared space, they are suitable for single people or couples. The limited square footage makes it difficult to host events with more than a few guests.

However, the open space offered by loft apartments is a blank slate to use however you want. You might create micro spaces for reading, exercising, or watching TV. The sprawling square footage also makes lofts the perfect place to host dinner parties with a long guest list.


The biggest reason to rent a studio is to save money. The no-frills interior comes with low monthly rent and reasonable utility bills.

In contrast, renting a loft requires a bigger budget. The spacious interior, premium amenities, and central location mean rent is higher than a studio apartment. You can also expect the utilities to cost more because it takes extra energy to heat, cool, and light a larger living space.


While every rental is different, studio apartments tend to have relatively basic or unadorned interiors. Outdated fixtures and finishes are also common.

Lofts are quite the opposite. Remnants of their industrial past pair with modern upgrades for an undeniably charming aesthetic. Expect heavy timber columns, steel beams, and exposed brickwork combined with stainless steel kitchen appliances, updated bathrooms, and spacious walk-in closets.

The Mitchell Lofts is a luxurious multifamily apartment community nestled in the up-and-coming Deep Ellum neighborhood. This means rich culture, music, and nightlife are just outside your door! Residents also enjoy premium community-wide and in-unit amenities that foster a maintenance-free lifestyle. To learn more about the benefits of loft-style living, please call us at 214-247-6798 and schedule a tour today.