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Finding a rental in Dallas with the right amount of space—not to mention all the other features you want—can be overwhelming. If you like the idea of an open floor plan, you might first consider renting a studio. However, the limited square footage could become a problem if you want to entertain or have guests stay over. A loft is a more spacious alternative, with the open floor plan you love but more space to spread out.

So just how big is a loft apartment? And how much space do you need, anyway? Use this guide to help you sort it all out.

Average Sizes of Different Apartments

Square footage is one of the first factors to consider when renting an apartment in Dallas. Here are the typical sizes of different apartments:

  • Studio apartments range from 300 to 600 square feet. At this size, expect to fit no more than a bed, small living room furniture, and a two-person table.
  • 1-bedroom apartments can be 600 to 1,000 square feet. This size is ideal for a single person or a couple needing no extra space.
  • 2-bedroom apartments are about 800 to 1,200 square feet. With a little more room to spare, up to four roommates or a family with two young kids can comfortably co-inhabit in the space.
  • 3-bedroom apartments are typically 1,200 square feet or more. Families with up to four children can be comfortable with this much room.
  • Lofts range from 700 to over 2,200 square feet. Because of the open floor plan, this layout is best for young professionals and couples not content with a confining studio apartment.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Ask yourself these questions when comparing different rental floor plans and square footage:

  • How many people will live there? The common consensus is that you need 400 square feet of living space per person to feel comfortable.
  • Do you like to entertain? Each guest may not need 400 square feet to themselves, but if you plan to host a crowd, keep this in mind when picking a large enough place to rent.
  • Will your furniture fit? You can reduce your moving expenses if you don’t have to buy new furniture. But are you willing to downsize if your king-size bed and sectional sofa don’t fit?
  • Can you afford it? While other factors also come into play, square footage contributes significantly to the monthly rent. Studios are the most economical choice, but you may like the option to spread out and entertain guests if you can afford a bigger place.

If you decide a spacious loft apartment is right for you, check out The Mitchell Lofts. Our luxurious multifamily apartment community is within walking distance of boutique shops, music venues, and exciting nightlife in the up-and-coming Deep Ellum neighborhood. Discover unique, sprawling floor plans with fully equipped kitchens, updated bathrooms, large closets, and beautiful wood or polished concrete floors. To request a tour, please call 214-247-6798.