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You may love the loft rental you call home, but everyone needs to get away once in a while. Are you planning a much-needed vacation? Follow these tips to prepare your loft apartment and enjoy peace of mind while you’re out of town.

  • Buy renter’s insurance: Homeowners aren’t the only ones who need insurance. Buy coverage as soon as possible for peace of mind against property damage, break-ins, theft, and other incidents, whether you’re in town or not.
  • Find a loft sitter: If you’ll be gone for more than a few days, consider asking a trusted friend, family member, or professional provider to keep an eye on things. A loft sitter might stay at your rental or drop by once a day. Provide detailed instructions about what you’d like the sitter to do while you’re away, such as water houseplants, check the mail, and feed the cat.
  • Make arrangements for your pets: In some cases, a loft sitter may double as a pet sitter. If you prefer to board your pet, make sure they can pass a temperament test and are up-to-date on their shots. Another option is to leave your furry friend with someone you trust.
  • Clean your loft: Throw away anything in the fridge or pantry that will expire while you’re gone. Then, run the dishwasher and empty the trash to avoid unwanted odors or pests. Finally, dust, sweep, and vacuum so you can jump back into your normal routine when you return.
  • Save energy: Set the thermostat back 10 degrees to save energy without risking excessively hot or cold temperatures. Also, unplug electronics to prevent standby energy loss. And remember, turning off all the lights saves the most energy, but you may want to set a lamp or two on a timer so it looks like someone’s home.
  • Secure your car: Whether you’ll be leaving your car at home or parked at the airport, make sure it isn’t a target for thieves by rolling up the windows, locking the doors, and removing anything of value.
  • Monitor your home from a distance: App-controlled cameras put your mind at ease by letting you check in and around your loft from your smartphone.
  • Keep your travel plans off social media: You may be excited about your trip, but announcing on social media that you’re leaving town makes you more vulnerable to criminals. Only tell trusted friends, family, and your landlord when and where you’re going. You can still post photos and updates online—just wait until you get back.

If you’re looking for a safe, secure loft apartment in Dallas, check out The Mitchell Lofts. We’re located in the up-and-coming Deep Ellum neighborhood, where rich culture, music, and nightlife are all within walking distance. Our residents also enjoy premium amenities like an enclosed pool, 24-hour fitness center, picturesque BBQ area, and private parking garage. To learn more, please call 214-247-6798 to schedule a tour of our luxurious multifamily apartment community.