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Lofts offer such a unique, trendy living space! High ceilings and brick walls bring exciting spaces to make your own. Loft apartments have a rich history of artistic lifestyles. Made popular in the 1960’s by artists, loft apartments took off in New York City where the artists could live and work inexpensively.

Loft apartments have continued to gain popularity across the US as people’s desires for an industrial look and feel with high ceilings, exposed pipes and beams and brick walls have been popularized. Rather than just renovations of industrial spaces, lofts have become an architectural style to be created intentionally.

Read on to learn pro’s of loft living!

  1. Architecture and history

As mentioned, the history and style of loft apartments exudes with charm! Hardwood floors, exposed wood, piping and brickwork all crate a unique, trendy, one-of-a-kind feeling.

  1. Open concept floor plans create a blank canvas feel

High ceilings are part of the design of lofts because they were once designed to be warehouses which required the space for easy access storage. In the early 19th century, large, beautiful windows were a necessity for providing enough light due to the lack of electricity in that time period. What was once a necessity is now a model for warmth and comfort for you as a renter accompanied with the opportunity to create and decorate with your own sense of style!

Not only do the high ceilings and large windows offer charm but the open floor plan allows you to totally create the layout of your living space. If you feel like swapping your bedroom and living room locations, you can! You are the dreamer, designer, and creator!

  1. Integrated living spaces for all

As warehouses, a single level made work more productive and efficient. Going up and down stairs all day would be counterproductive. As a living space, the single level allows for increased mobility for everyone! No matter what your level of mobility is, you find comfort and ease within your loft apartment!

  1. Unbeatable location

As former warehouses, loft apartments were centrally located in urban areas. Employees would have needed to be able to walk to and from work as many warehouses predated the invention of cars. The great news for you, even in the 21st century, is that the location is still conveniently located within walking distance of many restaurants, shops, and parks so that you get to maximize that community feel!

The Mitchell Lofts

The Mitchell Lofts provide a variety of floor plans, one of which will surely match your interests. With the original designs from 1928, our charming lofts are located in the beautiful Deep Ellum/ Dallas community and will be a perfect canvas for you to create a home in. Honoring the artistic history of loft apartments, check out our gallery for ways that we bring expression and creativity to your everyday life.

Contact us at 214-247-6798 today for help finding your new home!