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Loft life has so much to offer, especially living so close to Dallas, TX! There are so many styles of lofts for so many lifestyles- everyone can be happy living in one! Dallas and Deep Ellum both have diverse cultures and bring many local opportunities, such as shopping, dining, entertaining as well as enjoying the beautiful and artsy and culturally rich atmosphere. Renting a loft in this area will bring you such joy. Look at how to bring your own style into the one-of-a-kind loft that you’ve been searching for!

  1. Keep it open!

An open concept loft will keep spaces clear, open and free. No need to fill spaces or create separation. Open concept floor plans help create the urban, open feel that lofts are known for.

  1. No need to hide anything: keep ducts, floors and other spaces exposed!

Part of the unique feeling that a loft has to offer is the urban/ industrial/ open space that is created by exposed bricks, ducts, and concrete. Sometimes plaster can be removed to expose hidden treasures. While you may not have much control over materials being exposed or cover, you can always choose to add faux décor, such as a faux brick wall.

  1. Create character and charm with furniture

Mix and match furniture pieces to create an eclectic and urban feel. Brand new and hand-me-down work well together and create an opportunity to let your character and creativity shine!

  1. Turn furniture and décor into storage areas

Furniture can be great for hiding and storing things that aren’t needed regularly. An ottoman, couch, or old chest or suitcase can store items to free your loft from becoming cluttered. While some storage is intended for hiding things conveniently, other storage may be used creatively to become a part of the decoration. You can also add charm by displaying things that you love and, possibly, collect, such as hats, necklaces, and scarves. Your walls are your canvas, so be ready to create!

  1. Bring the outside in

Plants, fountains, and even unique rocks can be added to a loft space in order to soften the industrial characteristics and bring some homy charm in. Nature has a way of creating peace, calm and comfort. Use some natural elements to create just the right environment for you.

  1. Add a gallery wall.

Remember, the walls are your canvas! Create a mixture of modern and historical artwork in order to provide an attractive focal point in a negative space. What a fun way to mix up the décor and add charm to your urban and industrial loft space.

The Mitchell Lofts

The Mitchell Lofts provide a variety of floor plans, one of which will surely match your interests. Our lofts are located in the Deep Ellum/ Dallas community and will be a perfect canvas for you to create a home in. Contact us at 214-247-6798 today for help finding your new home!