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Over the past 20 years, loft apartments have become some of the most popular yet hard-to-find rental units. They offer the lifestyle most city-dwellers dream of. Spacious floor plans, exposed brickwork, huge industrial windows overlooking the city—what urbanite wouldn’t want that?

Loft rentals were once reserved for the NYC elite, but now this popular style has expanded to cities nationwide. Traditional lofts found in converted warehouses are called “hard lofts.” However, the industrial aesthetic and open floor plan are so in-demand that many new construction projects now mimic this charming style in units known as “soft lofts.”

Of the 3,500 cities in America that have apartment rentals, 521 offer lofts. Texas has numerous cities within the top 50 places to rent a loft. If you have your heart set on a luxurious loft apartment, here are six cities in Texas to check out.

  • Richardson: This North Dallas suburb has experienced massive growth since 2000, requiring an influx of new housing projects. Soft lofts are among the most popular additions to the rental market, currently offered by more than 40 percent of apartment complexes in the city.
  • Garland: Right next door to Richardson is Garland, TX, a bedroom community for people who work in Dallas and Fort Worth. Garland has tripled in size since the 1970s, with food processing and distribution remaining two of the city’s most important industries. Currently, over a quarter of the rental properties in Garland offer loft floor plans.
  • Plano: Another North Dallas suburb, Plano continues to draw residents from all over the world. Because it’s the hub of numerous corporate headquarters, loft apartments for young professionals are in high demand. As a result, roughly one in four properties offer loft-style layouts.
  • Lewisville: Roughly 40 minutes north of downtown Dallas, Lewisville is a growing suburban city with an eclectic mix of neighborhood families and urbanites. Lofts appeal to the latter and comprise over 20 percent of the rental offerings in the city.
  • San Antonio: The second-largest city in Texas is a metropolis teeming with rich heritage and modern innovation. The region offers ample opportunities to explore history or enjoy a night on the town. About 15 percent of rental properties here have lofts available.
  • Dallas: The urban sophistication and incomparable Texas spirit found in Dallas makes it one of the most desirable cities in the state to live and work. Why bother with a loft in the surrounding suburbs when you can be close to it all at The Mitchell Lofts? As it turns out, it doesn’t matter how many lofts are in a certain city when you only need one to fit your needs.

The Mitchell Lofts is nestled in the up-and-coming Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, TX, where rich culture, music, and nightlife are all within walking distance. Our loft rentals come in a wide range of floor plans, with premium amenities that promote a maintenance-free lifestyle. To learn more about our luxurious multifamily apartment community, please call 214-247-6798 and schedule a tour today.