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What Is a Loft Apartment?

Loft living is a hot commodity. Imagine waking up, sunlight streaming in from your floor-to-ceiling windows and settling onto the exposed brick behind your headboard. Sounds beautiful, right? Lofts provide ample open space with no internal walls, offering optimal room for activities, furniture, and decor. It’s a lavish apartment style that many people favor over traditional apartment living.

9 Bedroom Design Ideas for a Loft Apartment

A Brief History of Loft Apartments

Loft apartments did not emerge until after industrialization. Artists and nonconformists would move into old warehouses and factories, sometimes illegally, as it was a cheaper living option in larger cities like New York and Paris. By the 21st century, lofts had become trendy and in demand, causing many old industrial buildings to be converted into living spaces.

Characteristics of a Loft Apartment

Loft apartments are large, open space living areas with minimal to no internal walls except for the bathroom. Traditionally they have high ceilings, massive windows, and offer about 1000-2000 square feet. Lofts are usually found in converted industrial space, giving them personality with exposed brick, pipes, and support beams, except for modern lofts that may not have these features.

Hard Lofts

Hard loft refers to the traditional loft derived from a former industrial space that has been turned into apartments. They have exposed brick, pipes, or supporting beams, and often include cement flooring or detailing. Hard lofts offer large windows and plenty of natural light. They have an artsy feel, as they are a unique living space with a more rugged look.

Soft Lofts

Soft lofts are loft-style apartments. Loft-style apartments are apartments with the features of a loft. However, they were designed to look that way. Soft lofts are generally newer and offer upgraded utilities and amenities because they were built to be apartments, unlike hard lofts converted from industrial space.

The Difference Between Loft and Studio Apartments

Lofts are larger apartments with historic appeal. They are typically more expensive than studio apartments, as they offer more space and are often located in trendy, urban neighborhoods. Lofts are created from old commercial or industrial property, while studios are built to be apartments. Studios often don’t offer full kitchens like lofts; you may only have a kitchenette in a studio.

When to Opt for a Loft Apartment

Lofts historically attracted artists and musicians, but anyone can choose to live in a loft. They are perfect for single people or couples who want to live in a space with character and charm. They are versatile and ideal for people who love to decorate and get creative with their space, and they are the perfect home if you love natural light!

Luxury Lofts at The Mitchell Lofts

If you’re looking for open loft living in Dallas, then The Mitchell Lofts in historical Deep Ellum has options for you. Our luxurious lofts are in an old cotton gin manufacturing company, giving them optimal charm while offering top-quality amenities. Contact us to find a loft that suits your tastes with The Mitchell Lofts today!

Beautifully Renovated Loft Apartments in Dallas, TX