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Lofts vs. Studio Apartments

When you’re looking for a new place to settle down, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of options. A popular choice for single people or couples is lofts or studio apartments. Lofts and studios are often mislabeled as the same type of housing, and while they have similarities, they are vastly different living styles.

5 tips for creating the New York style loft look for your Dallas loft apartment

What Is an Apartment?

An apartment is a residential unit inside a building that typically only houses other apartments. They can come in different sizes, with additional bedroom and bathroom options. Studio apartments are one room with a closed bathroom and closet space. Apartment buildings are built to be multi-unit homes. Newer construction buildings often feature additional amenities like swimming pools or fitness centers.

What Is a Loft?

A loft is a unique living space inside a repurposed warehouse or factory. Lofts have open floor plans with minimal to no internal walls, a modern, industrial style, high ceilings, large windows and exposed brick, pipes, or support beams. Lofts are multipurpose housing options, as they can be used as residential or commercial spaces and don’t often include added amenities.

The Amount of Space Per Unit

Lofts are usually much more extensive than studio apartments. Lofts are generally within 1000-2000 square feet. Studio apartments are around 600 square feet, on average. Lofts also offer very high ceilings and large windows. Studios have normal-height ceilings and windows and are more conventional in look and size.

Commercial and Residential Use

Lofts often provide the added benefit of being zoned for residential and commercial use. This means you can live in your loft and run a small business out of it without facing legal troubles. Traditional apartments are not zoned for commercial use; therefore, they can only serve as your home.

Versatile Layout

Apartments have designated rooms, separated by walls. Lofts are open-concept floor plans, leaving you flexible set-up options. There is no set space for any one item. Lofts provide versatility in design and furniture layout, whereas a traditional apartment has dedicated rooms for specific functions.

Aesthetic Design Elements

Lofts offer a more rustic, rugged look. Many of the structure’s supporting elements remain exposed, such as brick, pipes, supporting beams or cement. It’s part of the charm of a loft. Conventional studio apartments tend to hide their supporting elements behind drywall or other materials that give the space a more finished, sleek look.

Storage Space

Traditional apartments, no matter how small they may be, generally offer much more storage space than lofts. Lofts are built inside repurposed structures that once served as warehouses or factories, which is why they rarely have many built-in cabinets or closets. Apartments are built to be homes, so storage space is factored into their design.

Level of Privacy in a Loft vs. Apartment

Most lofts consist of one large room, with internal walls only enclosing the bathroom area. Therefore, if you do not reside alone, they do not offer as much privacy as an apartment with sectioned-off walls. Some lofts do have bedrooms; however, it is not uncommon for roommates in lofts to put up partitions and dividers to create some privacy.

The Cost of Living in a Loft vs. Studio

Lofts tend to be more expensive than regular studio apartments. This is partly because of the space you get with a loft versus a studio. A loft is much larger. Lofts also tend to be in more vivacious, urban areas, which boosts their price tag. Lofts may be less cost-effective to heat or cool as they are more extensive in size.

Are You Ready for Loft Living?

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